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Couples Counselling Johannesburg

When our relationships with our significant others are going through difficulties, our ability to cope with other areas of our life is often affected. Many relationship difficulties can be managed and supported by the right kind of help from an experienced psychologist. For me, Couples Counselling is a process of rediscovering the qualities that used to create a couple’s synergy. My role is to help you re-establish those qualities and synergies so that you can get back to being your best.

The Basics of Couples Counselling Explained

Couples Counselling is about helping couples to rediscover the ways of relating to each other that once made them feel loved and cared for. Most couples have examples of this from their past, no matter how fleeting. By exploring past successes and understanding what both partners want for their lives moving forward, we can hopefully not only create a vision for your future, but action small, incremental steps that move you gradually in that direction and have you feeling that these changes can be permanent.


  • No matter how desperate the situation feels for a couple, the fact that you are considering couples counselling shows that you haven’t given up. Despite how bad things are right now, engaging in couples counselling means you have hope for arriving at a better place as a couple, at some point in the future. Not knowing how to get to that better place is not as important as holding on to that positive hope. Through the process of the counselling process, we can hopefully develop the road map together.
  • Once in couples counselling, my assumption is that there is some common ground that you share with your partner about what your desired outcomes are for couples counselling, even if we have to do some exploration to discover what that is. The other assumption is that you will be willing to try and do things differently, both in the sessions, and in the time between sessions. This will require being prepared to do things that you find challenging and uncomfortable.

Finding the right couples Psychologist in a big city like Johannesburg can seem daunting as there are many practitioners to choose from. All psychologists are trained to assist with a fairly wide array of challenges faced by people, however choosing one and reaching out to make contact can feel like a leap of faith. Hopefully my website has provided some useful information and helped remove some of the anxiety one can feel when contacting a Psychologist. If you would like to book a session or even just want to find out a bit more about how things work, feel free to contact me directly.

About Me

I'm a Counselling Psychologist situated in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, in close proximity to the areas of Rosebank and Sandton.

I work with individuals, couples, and families to address current challenges with a solution-focused approach. These challenges may include some more common complaints such as depression, and anxiety, or those trying to come to terms with trauma or bereavement.

Contact Me

For a free telephone conversation (5 - 10 minutes) please call me on 074 588 3808. If I am unavailable, please leave your contact details, with the best time to call.

If you prefer you can contact me by email or use the form on the contact page to send me a message. I aim to respond to all messages within 24 hours.


I am based in Randburg, Johannesburg. To find out how to locate me, simply click on the map below.