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Individual Counselling in Johannesburg

In the short-term, Individual counselling can help you better manage day-to-day feelings of stress, loneliness, depression, anxiety, trauma, and a number of other challenges. In other words, sometimes at the start we just want to learn to better cope with whatever we are going through before we start working on the foundations for bigger, more significant change. People can vary in their level of readiness for this progression. My role is to work collaboratively with you to achieve short term improvements, whilst holding in mind the things that you really want to see changing for good in the longer term.

The Basics of Individual Therapy Explained

Clients sometimes have a clear idea of what changes they are looking for in their lives and sometimes this feels vague. Either way, everyone has a set of “problems” they would like to move away from somehow. Problems fill up people’s lives, but if they are removed, do they just leave a void or vacuum? Obviously not. We will not only discuss the process of you moving away from these problems but also be deliberate in talking about what life would look like for you if we were to succeed. In that way, we don’t leave the filling of that void to chance. Imagine how good life could be if we were problem-free or had learned to minimize its impact, is not something we are very often invited to do. This is the foundation of how I approach individual counselling with someone, and my goal is to do this in the shortest time-frame possible.


  • It is important not to wait until symptoms become severe before going to therapy. It may be best to seek therapy if you are noticing an increase in feelings like unhappiness, stress or hopelessness, rather than waiting until these feelings have completely overwhelmed you.
  • Therapy should not be a crutch to lean on (although it can provide important support), but ultimately a process of equipping people to be better able to rely on their own solution finding abilities moving forward.
  • It could be time to seek therapy if you are experiencing ongoing distress or if whatever challenge you are facing is starting to interfere with daily life. This could be an indication that what you had relied upon to cope before is no longer sufficient, or that you need to look at things in new ways.

Finding the right Psychologist in a big city like Johannesburg can seem daunting as there are many practitioners to choose from. All psychologists are trained to assist with a fairly wide array of challenges faced by people, however choosing one and reaching out to make contact can feel like a leap of faith. Hopefully my website has provided some useful information and helped remove some of the anxiety one can feel when contacting a Psychologist. If you would like to book a session or even just want to find out a bit more about how things work, feel free to contact me directly.

About Me

I'm a Counselling Psychologist situated in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, in close proximity to the areas of Rosebank and Sandton.

I work with individuals, couples, and families to address current challenges with a solution-focused approach. These challenges may include some more common complaints such as depression, and anxiety, or those trying to come to terms with trauma or bereavement.

Contact Me

For a free telephone conversation (5 - 10 minutes) please call me on 074 588 3808. If I am unavailable, please leave your contact details, with the best time to call.

If you prefer you can contact me by email or use the form on the contact page to send me a message. I aim to respond to all messages within 24 hours.


I am based in Randburg, Johannesburg. To find out how to locate me, simply click on the map below.